2020 Prices are $45 an hour Canadian with a 4 hour minimum ($180 plus GST for a 4 hour session). This is the total price not an individual price so if you and a friend come up you can split it two ways.

I do individual trips; the boat we use is 16.5 feet and low to the water for nice angles when shooting. One or two photographers works great, we can and have done 3 photographers in the boat


If you booked a full day- 4 hours morning, 4 hours afternoon the total cost would be $350 plus GST.

(GST is a federal tax that I have to pay,  visitors from outside Canada can claim to have it refunded)

Most of my customers come for the Loons, Grebes and other waterfowl in our area. We use the boat for these trips and my prices are based on this (boats are expensive to run). There are many other opportunities in this area that shouldn't be missed and do not require getting onto the water.  Pricing for land based tours is $40 an hour Canadian and there is no minimum. This is a good option if you want a quick guide to the area which will allow you to continue photographing on your own in the area with much higher chances of success.