You have likely arrived here as you want to take photos of Loons; in our case Common Loons and most likely with chicks riding on their backs. You have a few options for doing this I'll try and explain why we might, or might not, be the best option for you. You could choose the workshop option where you pay for a multiple day stay and shoot with a group. Meals and lodging are usually included, this is a great option for many and quite popular. We offer a different and unique service at Crazy About Loons. I live here so I don't have to include in your price the cost of my transportation or my meals and lodging, also I know the area intimately.

Probably the biggest difference though is that you get individualized service and a custom trip. You can  share a tour with a few friends but I do not combine customers or groups. This means that we spend our time shooting what interests you  as opposed to just tagging along with the group.

Another great advantage is mobility, there are so many great locations in our area and varied photo subjects. Lac Le Jeune is a consistently great lake for Loon photography but surprisingly there isn't a great variety of birds there. If you want to capture the variety of birds that breed and nest here we need to be flexible and mobile. I will give you the options based on my knowledge of the area but you decide where we go, and when we get there you are the boss as to what we shoot. Have a look at the What We Will See Page to get an idea of what you can shoot in additions to loons.

You are also not constrained by the available workshop dates offered by others as I am here and available year round.

We do not include lodging in our packages but I am very happy to assist you in arranging your travel or accommodations. There are many accommodation options close to our shooting areas in a wide variety of pricing levels.

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